This is a friendly reminder that for the safety of all our children who are in the nursery up to 5th grade, Lyons First Baptist Church promotes a…….

Well Children at Church Policy

Please DO NOT bring your child to the nursery or

children’s department if he or she isn’t well.

A child is NOT considered well if :

  •  He/She has an oral body temperature of +100 degrees
  •  He/She is vomiting or has been vomiting in the last 24 hours
  •  He/She has diarrhea not related to medication or food reaction
  •  He/She has an undiagnosed rash
  •  He/She has a yellow or green discharge from the eyes or nose
  •  He/She acts unusually tired, pale, irritable, or restless
  •  He/She has head lice or nits in the hair (Should be cleared from health department to return to school before returning to church as well)
  •  He/She has any of the above mentioned within the last 24 hours

Please be aware that we DO NOT administer medications while at church and if medicine is needed, you will need to be the one who handles this. If your child should get sick while in our care, we will notify you so that we are careful not to spread sickness to other children.

Please help us keep YOUR child and OTHERS well by honoring this system.